04/06/2019; Publicado às 08:48

BTG Pactual creates digital retail unit

BTG Pactual, announces the creation of a full-service retail unit that will consolidate all of its digital initiatives in this sector. The unit will be headed by senior BTG Pactual partner, Amos Genish, a successful entrepreneur who is widely recognized for his experience in technology and innovation.

The unit's objective is to offer customers and entrepreneurs an innovative and transparent full-service banking experience. This includes solutions for investments, checking and transactions, financial services for small and medium businesses, consumer credit, and a complete insurance and pension plans platform. These services will be offered through BTG Pactual digital, with the participation of Banco Pan, Too Insurance, BIT Pagg and BIT Insurance. The new department will also encompass data analysis, performance marketing and user experience, through services provided by Decode, in addition to boostLab, the scale-up accelerator business originator for BTG Pactual in the digital ecosystem.

"Our focus is on exceeding expectations and offering the best experience to our customers, and Amos Genish has unique expertise as a technology and retail entrepreneur. We are reaping the benefits of our significant investment in technology throughout the Bank over the past few years, and we will now extend our product and services offering to all retail segments," says Roberto Sallouti, CEO of BTG Pactual

Amos Genish mentions the recent changes in consumer behavior and a favorable business environment as motivations in his new mission. "It is very stimulating to enter into a new venture in Brazil with BTG Pactual, as we have an extraordinary opportunity to offer banking services that are simpler, more convenient, less expensive and provide the customer with a better experience," says Genish.



BTG Pactual and BTG Pactual Holding S.A. also announced their intention to make a secondary public offering for the distribution of BTG Pactual BPAC11 Units involving at least R$ 2 billion. The offer is expected to increase the Bank's free float ratio and the liquidity of Units traded at B3.



The Bank has applied for membership to B3's Level 2 Corporate Governance special listing, in order to reassert its commitment to continuous improvement in corporate governance and its alignment with the market's best practices.

As per B3 guidelines, Level 2 membership is conditioned upon completing the public offering and maintaining in free circulation Units representing at least 21% of the social capital.



The Bank has the intention to transfer approximately 25% of its shares in EFG International AG, a Swiss financial institution, to BTG Pactual Holding. After the transfer, the Bank will still hold about 5% of EFG's social capital. The transaction is subject to the applicable regulatory approvals, which will take place in two stages.

The intended transaction will allow for clearer perception of BTG Pactual's business performance, as well as a substantial increase in the Bank's regulatory capital indices, enabling it to further benefit from the significant growth opportunities presented by its main businesses in the Latin American markets.



BTG Pactual reiterates the "General Considerations" published in the relevant fact dated as of yesterday, whereby this press release does not constitute an offer to sell securities under any jurisdiction.

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