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The BTG Pactual Trainee Program has been improved every year and has become a major tool at the Bank, having already unearthed numerous young executives with strong potential.

The program aims to hire young talent capable of forming the future generation of Bank leaders. Brazilians and foreigners whom are graduate after June 2013 or expect to graduate by July 2015 with a degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering or Sciences and technology are eligible to the Program. Candidates must also be fluent in both English and Portuguese. The selection process features online tests and interviews with HR and Bank partners. The openings apply to BTG Pactual's São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices.

This program lasts a year and during this period, trainees undergo training, exchange work experiences with partners and job rotations in BackOffice areas.

Trainees have major exposure within the Bank and are monitored closely by the managers of the areas where they work and by HR.

All the trainees will be evaluated periodically and may be hired at the end of the program, depending on each individual's performance and the number of openings.

If you fit this profile and identify with our culture, signup.

Find out more about BTG Pactual's Trainee Program - We have chosen some of the trainees from previous years to talk about the selection process and their experiences in day-to-day working life at the Bank.


Vanessa Soki

Vanessa Soki (28), ex-trainee and currently an analyst in Fund Administration at BTG Pactual.

"I chose to study Economics due to my curiosity to better understand the behavior of markets. Initially, I wasn't interested in working directly in the financial market. I ended up basing my career path and work experience on large companies, without having any experience in matters related to the market. And then I had the opportunity to be part of a consultancy and financial advisory business and was completely fascinated by this universe.

In order to be sure that I wanted to follow this financial market path, I researched a lot. I went beyond newspaper and magazine articles, biographies and talks with the professors who lectured on financial market-related subjects: I listed the most renowned people in the area and the best institutions, and I obtained their contact details. Unafraid to receive a “No", I sent an e-mail to all of them.

My objective was to map out realistic career prospects. I spoke to market executives who shared their successful experiences and suggested a path that I could follow. They all shared a common glow in recounting the achievements that their careers afforded them, confirming my decision and encouraging me to change the direction I had previously mapped out. My certainty of the financial market was confirmed when I enrolled in BTG Pactual´s Trainee Program.

The preparation for the process was intense. I sought to learn about the Bank in detail and to keep up-to-date by reading the daily news. With each stage of the selection process, I identified myself even more with the bank´s culture. The format of the program put me in contact with different areas of the Bank and I discovered the different routines of each one. The learning curve is intense. The dynamism is fascinating. The environment encourages you to seek out new things and there are no barriers to accessing knowledge. The talks with Bank partners were an injection of motivation and show that here there is a combination of determination, talent and competency that drives people to make so many achievements.

When I saw myself surrounded by extremely intelligent and competent people, the concept of excellence became clear. I realized there was no way to work other than to give my absolute best. Competiveness is clear by the simple fact that every day I want to outdo myself, and to mirror my actions on partners, managers, and the colleagues that I most admire. This determination really makes me feel like an “owner” of the business, directly responsible for my attributions and guided by what is best for the Bank. There is no room for those with a shortsighted view. The opportunities open up for those with bigger, long-term objectives…for those who dream big."

Pedro Assumpção

Pedro Assumpção (24), ex-trainee and currently working in the Equities team.

"Like many Economics students, I didn’t have a clear and precise idea of how an investment bank works. When I stopped to reflect on how this financial market universe worked, I became lost. I found the whole idea of trading interest rates, currencies and energy to be very abstract. At one stage, I took a lot of interest in the Equities market, and thought that I could develop a competitive advantage by focusing on this. But I still believed that learning about the other business areas of a bank would be important in my final decision. This was when the BTG Pactual Trainee Program proved vital.

I chose BTG Pactual due to the challenge. My friends said BTG Pactual was one of the best banks and that they had a true admiration for the people working there. But they said it was a competitive environment that would demand a lot of sacrifice. But when I joined, I was positively surprised. I realized that, since everyone works hard, the environment is one of utmost cooperation and transparency. It also has an incredible dynamism.

The trainee program offered me the possibility to learn about each area of the bank in detail, to satisfy my curiosity as an Equities analyst and to lose all the preconceptions I had. I also believe that putting trainees in direct contact with the Bank´s main decision takers is a massive plus and a unique networking opportunity.

My strategy during the program was very pragmatic: I needed to fully exploit these interactions and deliver good results in the areas where I was allocated. As a result, I would quickly be able to leverage myself at the institution.

The plan paid off and, six months after the end of the program, I joined the Equities team in Argentina – an extremely challenging and innovative challenge – contradicting the misconception that, given the current size of the Bank, the opportunities for those starting out now are no longer as big as they used to be.

To be part of this institution and of this project in Argentina is to be able to reinvent myself on a daily basis as an asset allocator. BTG Pactual is a school like very few in the world, with its own, very strong, identity. Without doubt, this culture will always be the channel of value creation for the franchise. It is a pleasure to work with intelligent and ambitious people who think with the mindset of a CEO, with an eye to achieving a common, long-term objective."

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