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BTG Pactual is an innovative global financial firm operating as a meritocratic partnership with a passion for consistently creating value for its clients and shareholders. Our Asset Management business is an autonomous yet integral part of the broader BTG Pactual Group, sharing the long-term investing philosophy that has been employed by our team for more than thirty years.

We believe that our clients benefit not only from the group’s financial strength, robust infrastructure and on-the-ground presence, but also from our ability to provide a comprehensive range of financial services to a global client base. Our Asset Management division counts, currently, with more than 350 employees across 16 offices worldwide located in the most notorious financial hubs in Latin America, North America and Europe.

We further believe that our Asset Management efforts are differentiated because of:

  • BTG Pactual’s geographic diversity, which is comprised of offices located throughout North America, South America, and Europe, counting on a global contribution of more than 2,000 employees, encouraging the exchange of ideas, assistance in sourcing, due diligence and evaluation of investment opportunities;
  • Long – term experience of a substantial portion of BTG Pactual’s senior management team, who has led our activities through various economic cycles, including the Asian crisis (1997), the Russian crisis and Long Term Capital Management crisis (1998), the crisis following Brazil’s currency devaluation (1999), the end of the so-called Internet bubble (2000-2001), the Argentine debt default (2002), the market volatility related to the Brazilian presidential elections (2002-2003) and the recent international financial crisis;
  • BTG Pactual's research team, which provides complementary capabilities on equities, commodities, interest rates, currencies markets, macroeconomic trends, industries and companies. BTG Pactual believes it has developed an industry-leading position for its investment research products and its unparalleled investment research capabilities are a significant factor in its strong competitive position in equity trading globally;
  • BTG Pactual’s partnership culture, which creates a strong alignment of interest between the investment team and investors of the strategy. This partnership approach is extended to the compensation and incentive structure, which allows BTG Pactual to truly act as one team intensely focused not only on identifying attractive investments and creating attractive returns for our investors, but also to integrate and utilize all of our capabilities, globally;

As of December 2017, BTG Pactual has US$ 43.8 billion in assets under management and administration, making it one of the largest asset managers in Latin America excluding retail banks. BTG Pactual Asset Management is dedicated exclusively to providing asset management services through investment funds and managed portfolios. The portfolio of products includes Latin American, emerging market and global funds, encompassing several asset classes and strategies, such as fixed income, public equities, structured funds and alternative investment vehicles, such as timberland, private equity, infrastructure and real estate opportunities.

BTG Pactual Asset Management manages funds that target a broad investor base, such as those distributed by third party distribution channels, and also single-entity funds or funds restricted to a limited number of investors. Our extensive and diversified clientele is comprised of institutional investors including pension funds, corporations, insurance companies, financial intermediaries, governments, high net worth individuals and family offices. BTG Pactual funds are generally marketed through the asset management and wealth management business groups’ distribution channels as well as through banks, brokerage firms and other financial intermediaries.

Recent Highlights & Awards

  • Elected twice Best Fund Manager in 2012 and 2011 (Exame/FGV);
  • Best Active Fixed Income Manager – 2011 (Exame/FGV);
  • Best Conservative Fixed Income Fund Manager – 2011 (Exame/FGV);
  • Best Active Multi-Market Fund Manager – 2011 (Exame/FGV);
  • Best Wholesale Fund Manager – 2011 (Exame/FGV);
  • Best Fixed Income Fund Manager – 2011 (Standard& Poor’s/ Valor Econômico);
  • Fitch Ratings assigns initial “M1(bra)” national asset management rating in 2011;
  • Best Multi-Market (Interest Rate and Currency) and Conservative Fixed Income Fund Manager – 2010 (Exame/FGV);
  • Best Global Macro Hedge Fund – 2010 (GEMM, EuroHedge Awards);
  • Best Multi Market Fund Manager - 2010 (Standard&Poor’s/ Valor Econômico);
*Details on the methodology and importance of these awards can be found at and ** Rating attributed to asset managers with the least vulnerability to investment administration and operational flaws. The methodology used by Fitch Ratings in the attribution of this rating is featured in the Reviewing and Rating Fund of Hedge Fund Managers report of 22 June 2009, available on the Fitch websites and ***BTG Pactual Global Emerging Markets and Macro Fund (GEMM) shares are not registered in CVM and may not be offered, distributed, redeemed or transferred in Brazil. BTG Pactual does not sell or distribute shares of this Fund to investors in Brazil.

Non-Brazilian Investor

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